Advicehindime com: Exposing the Myths and Password Hacking

advicehindime com

In this blog we are talking about a viral video that is getting circulated very fast on instagram. Nowadays there are lots of videos on social media app that circulates some claims. Some are fake and some are real so in this post we will talk about that type of video which circulate that people can crack anyone password by using this website advicehindime com.

Introduction of Advicehindime Com

There is a website named advicehindime com. Which claims that by using this website you can crack someone’s social media app password easily by following some easy steps. People trust such types of apps easily because they want to know the life and secrets of someone’s life.  

This video promises that your girlfriend’s social media handle password easily by entering her username on this website. This sounds too interesting and good to be true, right but is it true or not ? 

So let’s get to know the truth behind this statement. Now we will discuss this claim deeply to understand if it is fake or not. If it is real, how does it work? 

Understand the Viral Claim Deeply 

In this video they claim that you just enter the username of the person whom you want the password for. By entering the username the password will appear on the screen magically. This viral video doing the rounds on Instagram promotes this website advicehindime com as a tool to retrieve someone’s Instagram password easily. 

How does this website actually work ?

Now, we discuss the reality behind this website and reality is very different and less exciting than the video shows in reality. Here we tell what actually happened while using the app, what things you faced in real life and how they faced totally different portrayals. 

  • Redirection :- Instead of getting a password, this website advicehindime com redirected you to the other websites and this redirection could lead to different variations depending on the website purpose. 
  • Data collection :- Some of the redirected websites designed to collect your personal data and information by which they harm you. They can collect your email address or browsing history by their redirection. This data is basically used to sell to the different advertising companies, generating revenue to the website owners. 
  • Malware installation :- In most of the cases redirection may lead to the malicious websites that try to install malware on your device. You have to be careful of this type of malware because it can steal your personal information, track all your activity, or even damage your device. 
  • Advertisement :- This type of website is the main cause that may lead to the unnecessary advertisement in your phone that can hang up your phone and cause a lot of people to contact you. 

What are the disadvantages of using this type of website? 

Advicehindime com this type of url which are not verified can lead to the lots of negative consequences that are mentioned below :- 

  • Wasted Time :- if you explore this website you will not get any password or information that you want. You are just wasting your time surfing, you will not get any type of password, instead you will face a lot of unwanted problems.
  • Malware Infection :- By clicking on this type of suspicious link or downloading the file you just infect your device with unwanted things that can also damage your phone. This type of untrusted websites are not for you; they can steal your information from other advertising companies.
  • Privacy Breach :- If you try to enter your instagram username on this website or a redirected site then you risk exposing your password and compromising with the safety of your account. 

How to Recover a Lost Instagram Password? 

If you forget your password there is no need of unverified website you can recover your password without of these type of site these are only fake site that leads to the lots of problems you can recover the password easily by following these simple steps which are mentioned below :-  

  • Firstly you have to visit the instagram page and login on any device phone or computer etc. 
  • when you try to login your page you will get the option of forgot password, below. 
  • Then click on the forgot password you just have to enter your registered email address or username. 
  • Then, you just have to choose where you want to receive password reset information, via email  or phone number. 
  • Follow these instructions carefully and the instructions sent by instagram to reset your password. 

This method only works when you have access to the email or phone number linked to your instagram account.


In conclusion, there is a viral video advicehindime com that claims to give you the password of any account by just entering the username of any instagram handle but we will get that this claim is totally fake and trap in the various problems. Don’t be trapped by the promises of easy password retrieval. It will steal all your personal information, leading to many problems, like stealing your browsing history, malware infections, etc.

If you ever lost your instagram password then you don’t have to get involved in this type of website. You just simply follow these easy steps that are mentioned above and you can recover your instagram password easily. you just use the built in recovery method to recover your IG password. If you respect someone’s privacy then it will surely lead to a healthy relationship. 

Frequently asked questions

1.What is

Ans. is a website that gets viral very fast on the internet and claims to get someone’s password easily by following some easy steps.

2. Is it real or fake ? 

Ans. This is a totally fake website because there is some privacy on instagram and no one can get to know about anyone’s password without their permission. 

3. Is it a safe and secure website or not?

Ans. No, it is not a safe and secure website. By entering your username it may lead to various problems that can also damage your mobile phones and is just a time wasted website. 

4. How to recover our instagram password if we forget ?

Ans. If you forget your IG password you don’t have any need to subscribe to these shady websites. Instagram offers a legitimate way to recover your password or your account access.

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