Ekart PCM: Transforming Logistics in India with Innovation and Reliability

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Ekart is one business that frequently comes to mind when talking about logistics solutions. That being said, years of arduous work rather than their ability to be scaled is why they appear that way. In fact, many Indian families are now aware of the company’s name. Additionally, Ekart is acknowledged for enabling companies to ship their products and for generating thousands of job opportunities. Furthermore, this was the perfect time to introduce a new idea, considering how rapidly the Ekart community has expanded. To be more exact, the improvement was sparked by the introduction of the Ekart PCM login.

Highlight of Ekart PCM

NameEkart PCM
HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka, India           
Area served3800+ pin codes in India
Key peopleNeeraj Aggarwal (Vice President)Kalyan Krishnamurthy (CEO)

Know About Ekart PCM

Ekart PCM, also known as Ekart Partner Center, is the most reputable and well-liked courier service in India. In comparison to other modes of transportation, it emphasizes personal mobility and has various advantages. 

With its simple controls and streamlined design, the Ekart app is drastically changing the way people get around. Roughly three-quarters of Flipkart’s shipping is handled by Ekart.

Features of Ekart PCM

As you know that features plays an important role in the success of the services. Given below are the few features that Ekart PCM offers to the user are:-

  • Wide coverage: Currently, over 90% of India’s population uses the portal’s services. It also delivers to remote, rural areas where other courier services might not be available.
  • Fast delivery: There are several delivery choices, including normal, expedited, same-day, and next-day delivery. It also has skilled vehicles and drivers. They ensure orders are delivered promptly and safely.
  • Trackable shipments: The app or website offer real-time shipment tracking. Also, clients can get email or SMS updates about their purchases.
  • Customer support: The Ekart customer support team is available around-the-clock. They help customers with any questions or problems about their orders. The website or app also lets customers request replacements, refunds, or returns.

Process To Register For Ekart Partner Center

To enjoy all the feature of the website, you need to register on the portal for that follow the given below steps are:-

  • Email your details to admenquiry@flipkart.com to reach the Ekart franchise.
  • Within ten to fifteen minutes, you will receive a notification about the validity of your credentials. 
  • Find the link for registration that was included with the email. 
  • After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a page where you must register and provide all necessary information. 

Step-by-Step Process for ekart pcm login

After you have register successfully into the website, now follow the given below step to login into the portal: –

  • Open the Google search bar and type Ekart PCM to get going.
  • The website URL will then show up on the first number in front of you. Next, you need to click on the same URL.
  • Then you need to fill your personal details like USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Click “Login” after entering your password and username correctly.
  • If, for any reason, you can’t remember your username or password, for this login page, you should contact the website administrator.
  • The administrator of this website will shortly send the password to your email address. Once again, you go to the login screen and enter your username and password correctly. Thus, you can easily log in using this method to access the dashboard of this website.

Benefits of pcm ekart

Since the website is utilized worldwide, as you are aware, it offers several advantages, including:

  • Save money: Customers can save money by using the website as their courier service. The website offers free or heavily discounted delivery on many items. Sellers may save money by using Ekart as their logistics partner. The company gives them discounts and incentives.
  • Save time: Customers can receive their items more quickly and easily by using the website as their courier service, which will save them time. Sellers may also save time by using Ekart as their logistics partner because it makes it simple for them to have their items picked up and delivered.
  • Increased trust: Customers use Flipkart’s website as their courier service. They may trust the company more. They know their products will arrive safely and in good shape. 

Drawbacks of pcm ekart

Numerous difficulties arise from the website’s widespread use; a few of these are listed below:

  • Legal issues: The website is being sued by many government agencies and competing companies. They say it broke laws and industry standards for courier services. Buyers and sellers can challenge the platform in court for many reasons. They can bring lawsuits or complaints against the website.
  • Risks to security: There is a chance that various attacks and threats could compromise its information or functions. These comprise cyberattacks, vandalism, sabotage, theft, and fraud.
  • Issues with quality: The website has several issues with quality that might affect its usability or reputation. 

Reasons to Choose Ekart PCM

There are various reasons to choose this platform and here we have given some of them below: 

  • Cost-effective: The platform offers a range of services that are cost-effective. The customers find it the most engaging reason to choose it as they can enjoy and fulfill their shipping needs at competitive rates. The speciality makes it an affordable option for all kinds of businesses. 
  • Reliability: It is considered as one of the most reliable platforms that makes sure that all the packages get delivered on time. It allows the customers to track their shipment status and stay updated about their packages. 
  • Efficiency: Ekart PCM understands the need and essence regarding shipment. It gives an efficient logistics network that ensures that the packages are delivered on time smoothly and in a hassle free process. 
  • Security: It provides the best security of packages as they are handled carefully and delivered to the destination safely. It ensures customers that their products are at a safe place and in safe hands. 


Ekart PCM is a courier service owned and run by Flipkart. When using a website for the first time, buyers and sellers should think about its features, advantages, and cons. Buyers and sellers should be cautious. They may face legal and security issues from online buying or selling. This is true whether they use our website or another courier service. To protect the rights of the artists, they should buy or sell genuine items.


The details mentioned in this article is only for the information purpose and the website does not have any kind of link or ownership with the Ekart 

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