How is CMA one of the best Finance and Accounting courses in India? 

How is CMA one of the best Finance and Accounting courses in India? 

The Institute of Management Accountants, established in the USA conducts the US CMA course and exam. The US CMA course is one of the most recognized courses in theFinance and Accounting sector. Recognized in over 170 countries, the US CMA course trains candidates in accounting knowledge and strategic skills. 

US CMA Benefits

When you know what US CMA is, you should know the benefits of pursuing the US CMA course and getting a career opportunity after it. 

  • Professional Progress:

The US CMA course can expand your management accounting knowledge. The course also helps you in making your resume stand much ahead of other general accountants. Most companies look for candidates who are highly learned in accounting and are professionally equipped with strategic and management skills. CMA offers such training to its candidates and so, most multinational companies today prefer to hire US CMA candidates in their accounting team. CMA-trained candidates are great at making the right financial decisions, ultimately making profit for the organization. 

  • Enhanced Knowledge and Skills:

The US CMA course in finance and accounting is professionally designed to train candidates in deep accounting knowledge and management skills. With such knowledge and expertise skills, these candidates gain the confidence to combat any risk zones and difficult blockheads. Apart from getting a strong resume, CMA-certified candidates are also strong personalities in the accounting field. 

  • Globally Acclaimed:

Though US CMA started in the USA, it soon got global recognition. According to IMA, the recognition of the US CMA course has increased by 17% globally since 2019. As the course is globally-recognized most multinational companies in India hire CMA-certified candidates without much hesitation. Also, the candidates with CMA certificates have a much higher caliber than the usual candidates to work and settle abroad. 

Why is the US CMA popular in India?

While the US CMA course has its sets of benefits, the course has become popular in India for various other reasons too. 

  • Life after CMA:

Today India has welcomed many multinational companies like Accenture, Wipro, and Amazon. These companies have collaborated with the IMA body which makes the hiring of CMA-certified candidates easier in these companies. Many CMA-certified candidates join some of the top brands for jobs or even for internships now. 

  • Flexible Learning Mode:

Another reason why US CMA has become popular in India is its flexible learning mode. Candidates can register online and can prepare for the examinations accordingly. Also, the candidates can choose to appear in the exam according to their schedule and choice. 

  • Coaching Classes: 

The help of professional coaching classes help most candidates in getting answers toUS CMA course duration and details in India. Coaching classes like Zell Education offer professional training and exam preparation that help the candidates pass the exam and get certification efficiently. 

How is Life after the US CMA in India?

CMA candidates are hired by the Big 4 firms globally. But when you are in India, there are also many more companies like Accenture and Amazon where you can work after the certification. The course allows the candidates to seek various career options in the Finance and Accounting segment in India. Some of the job opportunities that the certified candidates can get are: 

  • Financial Director
  • Credit Analyst
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Cost Accountant 
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Risk Manager

Apart from the finance sectors, CMA-certified candidates also get lucrative job opportunities in many other sectors across the country like construction, mining, manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, and communication. 

If you are a CMA certificate holder without any particular job experience, the initial salary package may start from Rs. 1 lac per annum which can gradually increase with experience. In India, the average salary of a CMA is Rs. 8 lacs per annum.  

Though the start salary may not be great, the potential of getting a high-end salary is high with a CMA certificate. With experience and skills in different areas like budgeting, planning, financial reporting, cost management, investment management, performance management, profitability analysis, and internal controls, a candidate can even reach a salary that is as high as Rs. 72 lacs per annum. 

CMA candidates are skilled in diverse accounting areas. But those who prove their skills in a better way in the interview session are mostly likely to get a higher salary package than others. 


CMA is considered one of the finest professional courses in Finance and Accounting not only in the USA but also in many other parts of the world like India. The course is in demand in India for its in-depth knowledge of accounting, management skills, and global recognition which attracts thousands of candidates each year. 

If you are aspiring to get a career in accounting with US CMA, Zell Education is one of the best coaching centers to train you professionally.

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