How To Pack Light With the Weekender!

If you are going away for a quick trip and you want to pack light, you may wonder if there is an alternative to the various styles of backpacks. The good news is that there is a stylish substitute known as the weekender. This bag is perfect for a quick business trip or a weekend away with friends. It is compact enough for easy carrying, but still roomy, so you can pack all your favorites. Available in a variety of colors, you will be the envy of other travelers.

One Weekend, One Bag

The weekender bags from Beis are the perfect carry-on when you do not want to bring an entire suitcase. The main compartment contains one large zip pocket, a key leash, two slip pockets, and a padded sleeve for your laptop or tablet. The bottom compartment is separate, so you can keep your shoes and toiletries separate from your other items.

This bag comes in the regular weekender as well as a mini version. Both also have convertible options. If you get the convertible weekender, you can completely unzip the bottom compartment, and have a more compact bag for daytime outings.

Roomy & Compact

Although the weekender is small enough to fit overhead or even under the seat in front of you, it still is big enough to fit all of your travel essentials. You can pack various outfits, shoes, toiletries, and even a book or two. If you are just going for an overnight trip, the mini weekender should do, and the regular weekender is more appropriate for long weekends. If you are flying, check with the specific airline for its luggage size chart, especially if you are only allotted a personal item, so that you choose the appropriate weekender.

Tips for Packing Light

Even with a compact, yet spacious, bag, you may be wondering how you can pack everything you need in one bag. Although the weekender makes it easy to pack your essentials, there are some tips for packing light for those who struggle with minimalistic packing.

The first thing to keep in mind is to not rush or wait until the last minute, as you may not make logical choices. Even a few days before, start making a packing list, taking into consideration what your trip will entail.

Rather than packing items that you will only wear once, bring items that you can wear multiple times. Even when planning the outfit you will be traveling in, choose items that you can wear again with the clothes you packed. Neutral colors work well.

When it comes to shoes, less is more. Choose perhaps two pairs that have different purposes, and aim for lighter shoes rather than clunky and heavy shoes. Go light on accessories, as well. Once you have everything laid out, roll each item to save even more space.

When it comes to packing toiletries, stick with travel-size items and keep make-up to a minimum. Also make sure to pack liquids and cream in a separate plastic bag in case they leak. The weekender allows you to pack light so you can focus on having a great trip!