I’m Getting Excess Saliva After A Denture Reline – Why?

I'm Getting Excess Saliva After A Denture Reline - Why?

You’ve exchanged the old for a refreshed set of dentures. While not entirely new, your dentures have been relined, ensuring they fit as comfortably and securely as possible. But there’s a caveat – you’re noticing a bit of overproduction, in the salivary department. Don’t fret, friend, you’re not alone in this oddly moist plight. Here’s the lowdown on the slobbery and how we can turn down the tap, so to speak.

The Surge Of Saliva

Imagine your mouth as a bustling metropolis, with various ‘divisions’ operating smoothly under the centralised ‘government’ that is your brain. Introduce any new element – be it architecture, cuisine or even something as benign as a park bench – and the city’s inhabitants (the sensitive oral tissues) start buzzing with activity, including upping the production of new citizens (saliva). This municipal boom isn’t just the result of a single cause, though; there are several potential explanations for this exudate exodus.

Potential Culprits

A significant shake-up like a denture reline can throw this oral eco-system into a tizzy. Here are a few possible reasons for the sudden salivary spurt post-reline:

Poor Fit Syndrome

If your freshly relined dentures aren’t sitting pretty in your mouth the way they should – picture a jigsaw puzzle piece that’s one size too small among the rest – they can trigger the tongue and saliva glands into overdrive as they search for comfort and balance.

Inflammatory Infections

Your mouth might be trying to tell you something by slobbering more than usual. An underlying oral infection, such as gingivitis, could be the rapper’s version of a red flag being waved, complete with an increased output of ‘catastrophe deterring’ saliva.

Medication Munchies

Certain pharmaceuticals have the curious side effect of promoting drool’s prodigious production. If you’ve recently added something new to your morning pill routine, it could be the culprit.

Managing The Moisture

Fear not, champion of chompers. This juicy predicament is not permanent, and there’s a salvo of strategies to subdue the spit. Here’s how to go from feeling like you’re swimming to cruising smoothly in your oral-enabled jalopy.

Denture Diligence

Starting with the new fellas – are you taking good care of them? Regular cleaning and proper removal can significantly reduce the likelihood of dodgy saliva debuts.

Checkup Cheekiness

Your dentist is your mouth’s mechanic, and it might be high time for a service appointment. Another professional adjustment could be all it takes to rein in the run-away saliva glands. Contact VTS Dental Laboratories for professional services. 

Health Hygiene Habits

Maintain excellent oral hygiene as the foundation of your strategy. Brush, floss, and rinse your way to a healthier mouth to, quite literally, wash away the troubles causing your problems.

The Spit-Free Summation

Excess saliva following a denture reline is more common than you might think, and there are several reasons why your mouth might feel like it’s hosting its own aquatic rebroadcast of ‘Little Mermaid.’ But with a few mindful actions, you’ll soon be tipping the balance back towards your oral equilibrium. Remember, patience and proactive care are the keys to navigating this moist who-done-it.