Linkello: Effortless and Secure Video and Audio Calls for Seamless Collaboration


In today’s fast-paced world, communication is crucial in both personal and professional settings. Technology has allowed for the development of a wide range of applications that aim to enhance and simplify our communication experiences. Linkello is one such app that provides smooth features for both audio and video calling. In this article, we are going to discuss the platform, its features, and the process of using it. So carefully read the article without any kind of restrictions.

What is Linkello?

Linkello is an online platform that offers users the ability to quickly make audio and video calls. It places a strong emphasis on security and ease of use. This is a very simple option to set up for video conferencing, particularly if you need to make quick calls.

Features of Linkello

Feature are something that plays an important role in the success of the website, given below are the list of the various feature of the website are:-

  • Easy to Use: The platform is renowned for being simple to use. You can make a call link and invite anybody you want to with just one click. For those people, joining the call straight from their web browser on any device doesn’t require them to register accounts. As there’s no requirement for them to register before speaking, conversations can start more quickly as a result.
  • Strong Conference: With The platform’s superior audio and video conferencing features, team members working remotely can still clearly communicate with one another. The ability to share your screen with others is crucial for presenting presentations, providing demonstrations, or brainstorming ideas. Moreover, you can control the shared screen with some premium plans, enabling you to perform tasks like concurrent document editing and app rearranging (Linkello).
  • Content Sharing and Chat: The platform does more than just show your screen; it makes file sharing during a call simple. This feature allows you to share files that are relevant to the current discussion, such as documents, images, or slideshows. Moreover, a live chat feature is integrated into the software, providing an additional means of communication in addition to voice or video – perfect for quick questions or casual discussions.
  • Enhanced Collaboration (subscription Plans): The platform offers more sophisticated options to enhance cooperation if you select a subscription plan. Features like HD video streaming might let you have higher-quality meetings. In certain situations, automated transcriptions can be very helpful in instantly translating spoken words into written form. This is particularly advantageous when taking minutes or going over them later. To have more control over meetings, there are participant management tools that permit you to put people in specific roles (like host, presenter or attendee) and handle actions such as muting/unmuting or spotlighting participants.

How can I use Linkello?

If you want to enjoy all the feature of the website and want to interact with other person then you need to follow the given below steps:-

  • Visit Linkello’s website: On a computer, smartphone, or tablet, launch your web browser. Any web browser will function flawlessly, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Establish a call link: An easy-to-use UI will greet you. Decide whether you want to have a video chat or just talk on the phone. Don’t forget to title your call for easy recognition later on. After making your choices, press the “Create” button.
  • Share the link: The platform will generate a special link for each call you make. You must copy this link and forward it to everyone who needs to participate in your call. The invite can be shared via social media, text messaging, email, or any other channel that works best for you.
  • Join the call: All participants need only click the link when they have received it to join the conversation. It’s really easy for participants because there is no software to download or account setup required.

Why choose Linkelo?

There are multiple reason to select the website, given below are the list of few of well know reason are:-


Installing software is not necessary; a basic browser suffices. User accounts are not needed.


available through any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an appropriate web browser.


The powerful encryption mechanism protects your communications. As part of our GDPR commitment, we respect your personal information.


Your carbon footprint is decreased each time you use Linkelo to schedule an appointment rather than driving or taking a plane.

Price structure of Linkelo

Given below are the list of the two subscription that it offers to the user:-

  • Linkelo Office Basic

Under this subscription, the user need to pay 30.00€/year this pack offer No limit for calls duration, number of calls by link and number of links.

  • Linkelo Office Essential

Under this subscription, the user need to pay 125.00€/year. In this pack No limit : for calls duration, for links validity and for number of links and calls by link.

Alternative of linkello

If you have a problem using the The platform then you need to worry . You just have to select alternative of it, given below are the list of few of them re:-


There’s no need to introduce WhatsApp. It is among the most widely used messaging programs globally, including functionality for both voice and video chatting in addition to text messaging. WhatsApp protects the confidentiality and integrity of your chats by using end-to-end encryption.


During the COVID-19 epidemic, Zoom became the most widely used medium for webinars and virtual meetings. With its powerful video conferencing tools, flexible screen sharing choices, and engaging features, it’s the perfect tool for both personal and business usage.

Google Meet

Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet, is a solid app for holding meetings and video conferences. Its integration with other Google services, such as Google Calendar and Gmail, makes joining and scheduling meetings easy.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one platform for collaboration that includes file storage, video conferencing, chat, and app integration. It provides a smooth communication and productivity solution, which is why it is frequently utilized in enterprises and organizations.

Can I use Linkello on a smartphone?

Yes, all you need to do to access Linkello from a mobile device or tablet is use a browser. You will need to use Chrome or Firefox on your Android devices or Safari 11 on your iOS device.

In conclusion

Linkello provides a straightforward and secure platform for audio and video calls, making it an ideal tool for quick and easy communication. Its user-friendly design requires no software installation or account creation, and it offers robust features such as screen sharing, file sharing, and live chat. For enhanced collaboration, The platform paid plans offer additional benefits like HD video streaming and automated transcriptions. Whether used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, The platform ensures seamless connectivity while prioritizing privacy and eco-responsibility


Q1. For how long is my link valid?

Ans: After it is created, your link is active for 24 hours at any moment. We don’t do this to keep an active relationship with contacts you no longer wish to be in contact with.

Q2. Are multiple links available to me?

Ans: Yes, you are free to build as many links as you choose. Every connection is operational for a whole day.

Q3. Is it possible for every participant to share their screen?

Ans: Yes, however during a call, only one share at a time is permitted. A share must be deactivated before a new one may be created.


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