Most Refreshing Beers to Buy for Day Drinking at the Beach


Crushed underfoot like the granules of sand that stick your toes, that first splash of beer at the beach is its own form of baptism. It’s a frothy, foamy wave that signals the start of a sun-drenched saga. And choosing the right companion for these beach odysseys is as critical as packing sunscreen.

Finding Your Beach Beer Bliss

Day drinking at the beach is an art form that requires the perfect ale or lager; this refreshing lager, for example. The best beach beers are light, with low ABV, so your beach day doesn’t get cut short by an unexpected nap. Whether you’re a lager aficionado or ales are more your style, here’s your guide to the best brews for beachfront lounging.

Lager Lovers’ Dream

For those who prefer crispness and a slight hoppy tang, lagers are the gold standard. Their light body and clean palate make them a hit under the summer sun. Opt for a Pilsner if you crave a little more zing, or a Mexican-style lager for its quenching qualities and smooth finish.

The Hop Head’s Hideaway

Pale ales provide a robust yet manageable flavour profile, with just enough hops to keep things interesting without overwhelming the palate. Go for a session IPA if you want the hoppy punch at a lower alcohol percentage, keeping you buoyant and beaming.

Saison – The Summer Seducer

Saisons are the craft lover’s answer to beach drinking. Slightly fruity, sometimes a tad spicy, saisons offer a unique complexity perfect for sipping slowly as the day stretches before you. Its effervescence and typically low ABV make it a splendid seafood hemisphere that won’t lead you astray.

Keeping Your Cool in the Aussie Heat

Maintaining beer’s preferred temperature while basking in the Australian heat is a challenge that seasoned beachgoers must often wrestle. Fortunately, there are solutions beyond fleeting shady patches.

The Ice Navigator’s Arsenal

Stash your beers in a cooler packed with plenty of quality ice. Look for a cooler with a good seal, possibly a double-walled vacuum-sealed variety that’ll keep your drinks cold and won’t dampen spirits with a swampy cooler interior.

Antarctic Insulation

Fancy some insulation for your individual brews? Koozies, while simple, are champions in the art of thermal retention, keeping your beer cold and hands warm – a frigid handshake for your afternoon beverage.

Keeping the Beach as Pristine as Your Lager

The beach is a place to enjoy nature at its most unspoiled. Keeping it that way ensures that future beach trips are just as enchanting, and just as refreshing.

Pack it in, Pack it Out

Take a page from nature’s book and keep it clean. Bring a reusable rubbish sack and collect all your empties, bottle caps, and anything else you brought. It’s like a scavenger hunt, but one that leaves the beach cleaner.

The Power of Community

Organise a beach beer cleanup, where the community comes together to ensure the sand is unsullied and the ocean pristine. It’s a communal act that fortifies the spirit as much as any beverage.

In the fleeting hours of sun and sand, a good beer can become a great experience. It’s the taste of relaxation, the sizzle of sea spray, and the joy of living in the moment. With the right ale in hand and the right attitude at heart, every Australian beach day is its own mini holiday.