Discover Top Experiences: The Best Things to Do in Brussels

The Best Things to Do in Brussels

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Brussels, the cosmopolitan capital of Belgium, is renowned for its grand architecture and historical landmarks. Notably known as the headquarters of many international organizations including NATO and EU; it’s also famed for its diverse cuisine, particularly chocolates and beer.

Visiting Brussels offers tourists a rich cultural experience with its historic sites, from Grand Place to Manneken Pis. Its relevance lies in the unique Belgian gastronomy, diverse architecture and significance as the heart of European Union political affairs; the best things to do in Brussels are essential for broadening one’s perspective.

The Historical Side of Brussels

The Grand Place (Grote Markt) in Brussels, Belgium is an alluring spectacle. Showcasing exquisite Baroque and Gothic architecture, it mesmerizes with its ornate city hall, guild houses and the King’s house – truly a highlight of European historical grandeur.

The Manneken Pis statue, a landmark located in Brussels, Belgium, provokes fascinating discussions. As many speculate the story behind this bronze boy urinating in the public fountain – a bizarre yet irresistible subject capturing universally both curiosity and laughs from international tourists consistently”.

The Brussels City Museum holds significant relevance as it preserves and exhibits the rich historical and cultural heritage of Belgium’s capital. It offers a deep understanding of the city’s evolution while hosting famous artefacts like the iconic Manneken Pis wardrobe.

The Atomium, located in Brussels, Belgium, is an architectural marvel representing an iron crystal molecule magnified 165 billion times. Its nine interconnected spheres showcase the magic of scientific design fused with aesthetics for a truly unique and mesmerizing global landmark.

World-Class Museums in Brussels

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Belgium provides an immersive experience featuring over 20,000 masterpieces from artists like Rubens and Magritte. Its diverse collections gracefully bridge ancient art and modern works, indulging visitors in rich cultural heritage tastefully presented.

Observing the surrealism in the Magritte Museum constitutes a mind-bending experience. Every artwork invites speculation—forcing questions about perception, reality, and illusion. The hypnotic balance of familiarity and surprise shadows Magritte’s genius through each painting’s intriguing enigma.

The Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) offers a comprehensive walkthrough experience. Displays cover vast global music history with fascinating exhibits ranging from ancient instruments to iconic guitars, complemented by audio-visual amplification for an immersive exploration of our rich and varied musical heritage.

The Belgian Comic Strip Center, located in Brussels, is a museum honouring the rich tradition of comic strip art. Visitors can explore exhibits featuring famed artists like Hergé and Peyo, as well as learn about various comic production techniques.

Gastronomic Journey in Brussels

Embracing the culinary journey of exploring Belgian waffles unfolds a rich, delectable experience. The crispy exterior contrasts with a fluffy interior, best when adorned with strawberries, chocolate syrup or whipped cream – an embodiment of Belgium’s exquisite cuisine in one square delight.

The world of Belgian chocolates is a realm of refined indulgence. Known for high-quality cocoa, creamy textures, complex flavours, and meticulous craftsmanship — each chocolate piece represents luxurious sophistication blended with the rich history of Belgium’s chocolatier tradition.

Exploring the vibrant Belgian beer scene is a treat. Taste-testing an array of flavours, from fruity Lambics and spicy Saisons to robust Doubles and Tripels, offers insight into Belgium’s unique brewing traditions dating back centuries – a true connoisseur’s delight!

Exploring Belgium’s cuisine offers an authentic slice of its culture. From hearty Flemish stews to savoury waffles and world-renowned chocolates, traditional Belgian dishes reflect the country’s history and influence from neighbouring France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Each bite holds a delightful discovery.

The Green Brussels

Lounging in Brussels’ iconic Parc du Cinquantenaire, I found tranquillity. Crisp air caressing my face, elaborate monuments setting the backdrop – all complemented by lively chatter and children’s laughter. A picturesque sanctuary amidst urban chaos provides an escape like no other.

The Parc de Bruxelle’s invitation to adventure is irresistible. Contemplating grand, historic statues, savouring a picnic under expansive trees, or exploring charming gardens releases freedom and joy. This rich cultural trip in Belgium’s urban oasis is an unforgettable pedestrian experience of relaxation and discovery.

Nestled near Brussels, the Foret de Soignes is a stunning natural oasis. With its dense beech woods and rich ecosystem, it offers tranquillity away from the city buzz. This Sylvan wilderness harbours rare bird species and enchanting trails for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.

Shopping Experience in Brussels

Rue Neuve, Brussels’ busiest shopping street, witnessed an unexpected halt in activities. The popular commercial hub became unusually silent and deserted due to a city-wide lockdown. Both locals and tourists alike were markedly absent from this normally bustling avenue.

Luxury brands at Boulevard de Waterloo provide an unmatched shopping experience. This prestigious location brims with high-end fashion diversity, encompassing Cartier, Hermes and Louis Vuitton boutiques that offer a montage of elegance, sophistication, and vitality synonymous with luxury retail therapy.

Sablon district in Brussels, renowned for its antique shops, is a haven for collectors and history enthusiasts. Each store displays curated artefacts of exquisite beauty and tales of the past, refusing age to rob them of their charm.

Brussels Festivals and Events

The Brussels Summer Festival, a ten-day euphoria, paints the city with vivacious colours and melodic tunes. Fest revellers experience cultural immersion through exceptional music performances, eclectic artistic displays and savoury local cuisines under clear blue skies in vibrant Brussels.

Immersed in the harmonious notes of timeless melodies, we revel in the Brussels Jazz Festival’s enchanting atmosphere. Musicians from across the globe converge here, turning Belgium’s capital into a vibrant playground of thrilling improvisations and delightful symphonies for us to unfailingly enjoy.

The Brussels Folklore Festival is a celebration of cultural treasures. Vibrant parades, traditional music, and folk dances fill the streets, demonstrating Belgium’s diverse heritage. Booths offer enticing local cuisine and handicrafts in this energetic homage to timeless Brussels traditions and customs.

Nightlife in Brussels

Popular nightclubs and lounges are vibrant, bustling venues offering an exciting nightlife experience. Many have unique atmospheres, innovative cocktails, and high-quality sound systems with renowned DJs delivering heart-pumping music for the ultimate party ambience into the late hours.

Strolling through Brussels after dark is mesmerizing; streets bathed in golden light offer charm unmatched, revealing timeless architecture intermixed with a modern flair. Each cobblestone path lends a glimpse into its enticing beauty – an unforgettable free tour of this night-time paradise.


What is Brussels best known for?

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is best known for its rich history, diverse architecture and quintessential European charm. Remarkably famed for the Grand Place, Atomium, and Peeing Boy statue – Manneken Pis. Not to overlook its decadent chocolates and mouth-watering waffles!

Is there anything fun to do in Brussels?

Indeed, Brussels brims with fun activities: savouring famed Belgian chocolates, exploring iconic Grand Place, and descending into Atomium’s science museum. For comic book fans, the Comic Strip Museum is a gem; beer enthusiasts will appreciate its numerous breweries and tasting opportunities.

Is 2 days enough for Brussels?

Two days might feel rushed, but it’s possible to experience Brussels’ charm. Visiting major attractions like Grand Place, Manneken Pis, and Atomium is achievable within this timeframe. Still, more time would allow for deeper exploration beyond the highlights.

What should I do with one day in Brussels?

In one day in Brussels, explore iconic landmarks like Grand Place, sample signature Belgian treats such as waffles and chocolates, and visit Museums dedicated to Comics and Surrealism. Indulge in local specialities for dinner accompanied by famous Belgian beer.