IGFollower Export Tool: A Deep Dive into Instagram Management


IGFollower Export Tool is a remarkable Chrome extension that is a little unique. Users can manage their personal or business Instagram contacts with this tool. This tool gives them the ability to manage their Instagram contacts. User profiles can be automatically retrieved with the help of this Instagram scraper. In this article, we’ll examine the comprehensive handbook using the greatest resources. In addition, we will discuss expert advice and special features. So, guys, if you want to be in charge of your Instagram account, you better get ready now.

Know About IGFollower Tool

The IGFollower Tool allows you to export any Instagram data to CSV files. This tool continuously sets itself apart as an excellent Chrome Extension designed for business use. Sometimes, people who manage their Instagram contacts can also access this feature.

This is another Instagram scraper that makes the process of obtaining user profiles more efficient. Moreover, emails from Instagram followers and followers that are available to the public are included. You shouldn’t worry because this tool has gotten five stars. This Chrome addon is the best for getting Instagram followers and following because of this.

Features of Ig followers 

As you are well aware, this feature is essential to the Tool’s functionality. The list of features that are included is as follows:

  • Simple Export: The IG followers Export Tool’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to export your followers or the accounts you are following.
  • Scale Counts: IG Tools allows you to export up to 50,000 followers, meaning you can be sure to analyze even the largest following.
  • Formats: You can choose between the well-structured CSV and Excel formats, which come with all the necessary columns, to simplify your data analysis process.
  • Column Clarity: Some supported columns are a verification status indicator, user name, full name, URL of the profile picture, and digital Instagram ID. These columns will give you a comprehensive understanding of your audience.

Price Structure of the IGFollower Tool

These days, nothing comes for free. Yes, this utility is not an exception. They charge for certain helpful services. Below is a list of the two plans that this tool provides for using their services.

  1. Pro Plan: Under this plan, you can export up to 100,000 followers at a time. The monthly payment will now just be $12.95 instead of $15.95, as agreed by the group. You will get additional services if you choose this plan. In addition to premium support, they will provide you the same data extraction features as the Free Plan.
  2. Free Plan: Currently, this plan can only export up to 500 followers. This package includes a user profile that is basic and public emails..

Note: If you’re worried, you can use both plans for seven days with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Tips To Master IGFollower Export Tool For You

This section has been specifically prepared for you as a result. We recognize the importance of this tool for many of you, so we have worked out some tips to make it easier for you to use. These days, being well-liked is not a reflection of conceit. Still, it’s a deliberate move.

IG Tools graciously provides the IGFollower Export Tool. This is your hidden toolset for growing your Instagram following.

  • It’s Important to Select the Right Tool. We are grateful to IG Tools for enabling more accessible Instagram growth than it was in the past. This tool is the people’s first choice because of its effectiveness and intuitive interface.
  • Remember that this is the best tool available for an upscale experience. Yes, for a fee-based extension, the first 500 profiles will be made accessible without charge. Ig followers was made in order to make the most of their Instagram following.
  • Any doubts you may have about the simplicity of the export are dispelled by using this tool. This tool can help you reach new heights. It automatically compiles Instagram user profiles from followers and follows. As a result, using this program only requires a few easy steps for anyone. 
  • Privacy and security are always better. Your Instagram security is always the first priority. Never give out your social media login credentials because not all of these tools ask for them. You should maintain the security and confidentiality of your user information, emails, and data.
  • You can purchase any pricing plan for this tool and get a complete money refund guarantee within the first seven days.


In conclusion, using our IGFollower tool gives you a lot of possibilities for developing your Instagram account. Never lose sight of the fact that engaging with and getting to know your audience matters more than worrying about the numbers. 


The information mentioned in this article is well researched and it is only for the information purpose. The website does not have any kind of ownership with IGFollower tool.

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