Is it possible to get Hand Tufted Rugs in stylish materials?

Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufted rugs are popular in home décor for their craftsmanship and style. Unlike hand-knotted rugs, which are made using a time-consuming technique where each knot is individually tied, hand tufted rugs enough matter is made up of threads with fibers hand punched into knots on a canvas with a stretcher and a tool called a tufter. After pattern is drawn, fabric backing is glued to the back weaving the tufts. This method enables the makers to build in great creativity and efficiency, allowing the quick production times which mostly makes them less costly than the handmade variants.

Stylistic Assembly of Carpets through Hand Tufting Clip this highly interactive infographic for later reference, or print it right away.

As for choosing materials to follow hand tufted rugs the mission is to achieve a great look you might follow different materials for different tastes or interior style. Here are some popular materials:Here are some popular materials:


The purest wool is the most common material used in plain or patterned rugs. This bag is also sought after for its strong build, gentle textures and self-cleaning nature. As wool as rugs are cozy to walk and have many various color and pattern.


The silk in hand tufted carpets gives them a more luxurious shine and softness that causes sheer look of refinement. Silk can serve its perfect self or added up with other fibers to serve as a rug to boost the texture or the luster of the item. Despite this, silk is usually a choice for people who spend more time in less traffic areas because of the fact they are easily damaged.

Bamboo Silk

Innately an eco-friendly alternate of traditional silk, bamboo silk originates and made from bamboo cellulose. The texture and lustre of the artificial silk bamboo is similar to that of the real silk. Besides this, it is more durable but low maintenance and easy to care. It’s a wonderful option for those who want to take advantages of silk’s gorgeous appearance without sacrificing durability and sustainability.

Synthetic Fibers

Next to these, there are synthetics fibers such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene also utilized to hand tufted rugs. Some examples are their stains and odors resistant, durable and come in various color. Artificial rugs are the main items for outdoor carpets because they are cheaper and often getmore attentionand moderately priced compared to natural fibres.

  • Cotton

Cotton is another option for hand tufted rugs, known for its softness and lightweight properties. Cotton rugs are generally more casual and can be easily washed, making them ideal for kitchens, children’s rooms, and casual living spaces.

  • Viscose

Viscose is another name that references besides artificial silk, which has approximately similar appearance and texture as silk but more affordable cost. It provides durability and allows the makers create amazing designs ranging from simple to complex patterns. Nevertheless, viscose is the lesser durable fiber compared to other fibers and therefore used in the less traffic areas only.


One of the perks of hand tufted rugs is that they are a good choice for all rooms whether for adding style and texture or as a nice and cozy part of your flooring. Your decision might be between the material rug that is both soft and eye-catching and that one would serve a formal living room well and on the other hand, that rug you choose to have in the family room needs to be the one that is durable and easy to clean.