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When working on a computer, have you ever run upon the strange code Even though its parts might seem difficult, understanding them can be very beneficial! The problem notice “Disconnected from the target VM, address:” keeps popping up on the screen when working on a project. This Blog article will define, describe how it works, and walk you through fixing a common error that is associated with it.

What is

The error appears when the debugger is unable to connect to the target machine’s port. The Code is comprised of two additional parts.

  • This IP address is special; it’s called “localhost.” It points to your local computer and works similarly to a loopback address. Consider it to be a dialogue that one has with themselves.
  • 62893: This is a port number. Ports are used for a variety of reasons as entry points for data transmission and reception. Port 62893 is occasionally used by the caching system Memcached, albeit it is not used as frequently as other ports.

Working of work

The given steps steps shows that how operates are as follows:

  • An app on a device attempts to establish a connection with another process.
  • The destination, “localhost” (, denotes that it want to communicate with any device that is connected to it.
  • With the port number (62893), the operating system can figure out which specific program or service to direct communication to.

For example, this address could be used by a debugging tool to connect to a local server on your computer.

Introducing 62893: Potential Applications

  • Visual Studio Code Remote Debugging: This well-known development environment frequently uses Port 62893. It uses it for remote debugging. VS Code uses this port to connect to the target machine when you start remote debugging. This lets you view and control code execution from a distance.
  • Web development frameworks and tools: During development, many web frameworks and tools, such as Django and Flask, may use port 62893. The frameworks often use development servers. The servers use this port to enable local testing and debugging before deployment.

Troubleshooting the

To resolve the issue, the user must follow two main steps, which are listed below:

  • Verify if the Service is Running: Check if the app or service you’re trying to access is running on your computer. Whether it’s a web server or development tool, make sure it launches correctly.
  • Verify the Port Number: Ensure that port 62893 is being used by the application. Sometimes the issue arises because you are trying to reach the wrong port.
  • Firewall Settings: It’s likely that the firewall on your computer is blocking port 62893. Check your firewall settings to make sure the port is open for localhost traffic.

Solutions for the problem

In this step, the user will correct the mistake that occurred when completing the task:

  • Starting the service: Start the service if it isn’t already running. When using development tools or web servers, a script or command is typically used.
  • Modifying port numbers: Consider port configuration if your application uses 62893. Do this if there is a port conflict or another service uses that port. This may frequently be accomplished by going to the program’s setup options.
  • Configuring Firewall: To allow traffic on port 62893, you may need to create a firewall exception. The steps differ according on your operating system:
  • In Windows: Open the Control Panel. Choose Windows Defender Firewall, then Advanced Settings, Inbound Rules, and System and Security. Add a new rule for port 62893.
  • Mac/Linux: You can change the firewall settings using Terminal commands, similar to iptables for Linux.
  • Check for application-specific configuration: Additional setting is required for some programs to operate correctly. Check that all necessary configurations are made appropriately by reviewing the application’s documentation.
  • Implementing Network Diagnostics Tools: You may use tools like lsof (Unix/Linux) or netstat (Windows) to find if any apps are listening on port 62893. If no application is using the port, the program meant to run on it likely has a setup issue.

Is Port 62893 Open to the Public?

Opening port 62893 to the public is generally not a safe practice. This is the cause for this:

  • Security flaws: An attacker may be able to access your system through this port if the memory cache is being used by it and has a defect.
  • DoS Attacks: Cybercriminals can overwhelm and crash your system. They do this by launching DoS attacks against port 62893.
  • Unauthorized Access: Anyone with internet access can try to connect to your Memcached server. This raises the risk of unauthorized access.


To solve associated issues, it might be quite helpful to understand the parts and operation of You can fix this by ensuring that services are up and running. Also, check port numbers and change firewall settings. Remember that port 62893 poses significant security risks, so it is best to keep it secret.


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